About Us

Mic Mic is born from a dream to create a heart-warming oasis for city dwellers to refresh, recharge and renew their minds and hearts, for kindling a richer, more meaningful and fulfilling life congruent to the unique, true self. It is owned by Migenies Ltd., a psychological consultancy founded by clinical psychologist Dr. Michelle Chan in 2013.

At Mic Mic, life is about love and connections. We believe that cultivating a healthy, compassionate connection with yourself enhances your psychological well-being, as well as your connections with and compassion towards others and the world.

Why Give a Mic to Your Inner Voice?

“Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.   

And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.

They somehow already know what you truly want to become.” – Steve Jobs

In Steven Spielberg’s Commencement Speech at Harvard University in May 2016, 

he highlighted the importance of paying attention and listening to one’s quieter internal voice –

“the ‘intuition’ that whispers what you could do, which defines your character than anything else”.

‘Give a Mic to Your Inner Voice’ – your inner voice can be your thoughts, feelings or intuitions experienced in daily life. Having mindful awareness of and healthy connection to your inner voice enables you to connect to your true needs, motivations and desires, opens up new possibilities, more constructive and skilful responses and choices, to move you forward in life. Such authentic way of being, which unlocks inner resources and wisdoms, is an ongoing lifelong practice that can foster greater resilience and personal transformations.

We offer you self-empowerment knowledge and tools, as well as practical courses based on scientific research findings and professional experience, coloured with a sense of human touch and artistic presentations in the appreciation of beautiful things we come to encounter in life.

Specifically, we aim to inspire and empower you with writings and creative art forms for sustaining mindful living as well as teach you tools to:

  • Cultivate inner calm, compassion and emotional balance
  • Reduce stress and build resilience
  • Discover your inner resources and wisdoms in facing life's challenges
  • Improve your relationships with others


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Our Team

Our Team is made up of passionate professionals in psychology and health as well as ‘psychological-minded’ administrations and designers with one common mission – to help share and cultivate the seeds of self-love in people. We believe that ‘connecting the hearts’, step by step, brings us a better world.

Dr. Michelle Wing Chiu CHAN

Founder of Mic Mic, Migenies Ltd. / Senior Clinical Psychologist / Artist

Ms. Irene Cheung

Ms. Donna Tam

Ms. Queenie WONG

Marketing and Business Consultant

Mr. Laurence LEE
Honorary Designer

Honorary Consultants