Introducing Mic Mic

Mic Mic is an artsy, creative lifestyle platform that endeavors to inspire and nourish you with original artwork, practical self-care knowledge and tools to enhance your emotional well-being as well as unlock your inner resources and wisdoms to lead a richer and more authentic, fulfilling life. We offer experiential training programs for individuals as well as teams in organizations.

Mic Mic Testimonials

  • 「多謝Michelle!多謝您令我明白到Focusing好重要!你講得好清楚,你既聲線令人覺得好舒服,好令人信任,希望下次有機會再上你嘅堂。Thank you very much!」 – 「Focusing Your Inside: 如何不被情緒操控?」工作坊參加者
  • “It’s a memorable experience. To let me know that my inner self needs me. Thank you Michelle for your professional and detailed explanation!” – Participant, ‘Inner Relationship Focusing (IRF) for Cultivating Emotional Resilience’ Program
  • “Thank you, Michelle for coaching us with your heart and gentleness. This course helps me to change from a mechanical thought pattern to a relatively creative pattern.” – Participant, ‘IRF for Cultivating Emotional Resilience’ Program
  • 「Thank you Dr. Chan. ‘Focusing’ 這課程讓我學懂「活在當中」 & 謝謝Dr. Chan 用心教導,深入淺出!」–「Focusing Your Inside: 如何不被情緒操控?」工作坊參加者
  • “The class helps me to pause for a while when I have negative emotions, not to find fault in others (or things that offend me), instead focus on my own breathing and realign my feelings with physical and psychological momentum…”– IRF Participant
  • 「透過靜觀為本情緒平衡課程,我重新覺察自己的情緒、思想和日常反應,從中對別人的情緒與反應多了一份理解,為自己遇上困擾時的應對多了一份空間和選擇,提供了一個認識自己和愛惜自己的機會。」– Fung(八星期靜觀為本情緒平衡課程)
  • 「欣賞Michelle認真和用心的聆聽與回應。在過程中,我學懂更加關心自己身,心、靈的需要。工作坊告訴我,面對所有的想法、情緒、行為,也有選擇的,值得推薦大家參加!」– Catherine(八星期靜觀為本情緒平衡課程)
  • 「為心留空間,讓心有更廣闊的空間!多謝Michelle給予此空間!」– Ben(八星期靜觀為本情緒平衡課程)