Here we provide you with some guided exercises and soothing music to help you attend to your mind, body and heart to facilitate your own process of cultivating calmness and self-compassion.

Mindfully attending to your breaths or other bodily sensations provide you with an anchor to be more grounded at the present moment. With practice, it would help you stay calmer, be less emotionally reactive to distressing situations, recover more quickly from stress, and sharpen your attentional focus.

Should you want to explore more, please join our experiential  workshops where we will share more tips and guidance.

 Mind-Body Soothing Exercise

 (Narrated & background music composed by: Dr. Michelle Chan)


Mindful Breathing (5 mins)
Mindful Breathing (8 mins)
Mindful Breathing (12 mins)


Easy-Listening Soothing Music

[From CD Love You Love Me] 

 (Narrated & background music composed by: Dr. Michelle Chan)

Home Sweet Home mp3
Resilience mp3
Together We Stride