Past Training

Focusing-Oriented Expressive Arts (FOAT®) for Self-care

Dr. Michelle Chan held a workshop on ‘ Focusing-Oriented Expressive Arts (FOAT®) for Self-care Workshop’ for members of the Hong Kong Focusing Institute in March 2019.

Participants enjoyed making artworks in expressing their feelings as well as making discoveries about themselves and their self-care needs during both the Focusing and art-making processes.

Dr. Michelle will hold similar self-care experiential workshops regularly to share with you practical psychological tips for nourishing yourself and enhancing your emotional well-being.

Sharing from Participants:
“Dear Dr. Chan, Thanks for your effort and care in this morning session. I find ‘self-care’ exercise really helps me. Appreciate your soft, warm voice leading us go through different exercise using art to express our felt sense.” – Julie

“Very good exercise to reconnect with myself. I can slow down myself which can recharge my energy.”

「3小時,真明白Focusing Skills 以不同形式的練習方法。了解到以Art forms如何接觸個人內心/內在需要,反映在外在物件的Power,如何真實、如是地,反映出來。能坦蕩蕩地認識、接受、改變自己,神奇地轉化了。」
「十分感謝Dr. Chan帶領是次澄心藝術創作工作坊。令我發現自己內在豐富的資源和美好的特質,並且能夠與自己身體有更好的接觸。”」– Andy


「我最喜歡Self-care Exercise,令我更清楚知道我此時此刻的臨在感覺,並且知道如何Keep on。Art給了我一個新體驗,由不知做甚麼,隨手做,隨心做,完成作品後,才細細回味,就看到其中的意義。最後的insight是balance between 精彩生活與自留空間給自己。」