Past Training

Building Emotional Resilience for Parents

Emotion plays an important role in the development of parent-child relationship. Parents with high emotional resilience would set positive role model to their young children and help them better prepare for the various challenges they might face in the modern world. We first held this FREE Introductory workshop in May 2017 and received very positive feedback. 20 parents of primary school students participated in this 2.5-hr experiential workshop to learn the basics of emotional resilience, such as how to cultivate inner calm and regulate their emotions. We will introduce more information and practical skills in advanced level workshop.

Sharing from Participants:
“Michelle delivers a complicated topic in a simple way! She is a good and experienced speaker.”- Bruce Lee

“A very good, useful and practical workshop.” – Janice Chan
“I found the game session very insightful, it enabled me to slow down and get in touch of my deeper feelings.” – Christina Lo